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Watch out for some exciting twists in The GARMIN MARLIN Skins Shootout 2023

Even more exciting with more categories, Champion Boat with prizes and cash down to at least 5th place. Champion Anglers and so much MORE!

Finally a flexible tournament format that provides everyone with equal chances at thousands of dollars in skins cash and prizes. This open line class tournament allows you to fish to and from any port, Anglers MUST fish within the Central Coast GFC prescribed ocean waters area.


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Join us for this one day, Marlin tag and release Skins Shootout.

Tournament Briefing
Date & Time: Friday 10th February - 7:00pm to 9:30pm. all skippers will be emailed a briefing and registration.
Location: CCGFC located at Gosford Sailing Club.
Note: Attendance is welcomed but is not compulsory.

Fishing Time: 8.00am - 5:00pm.

Tournament Presentation of Trophies
Date & Time: To Be Advised
Location: CCGFC located at Gosford Sailing Club.

skins tournament


This is a one-day, open line class, Skins Tournament. Marlin tag and release cash prizes will be allocated based on a random time selection for each hour of the tournament. The boat tagging & releasing a fish caught equal too, or closest to the time selected (time will be to the minute, seconds will not be taken into consideration) will be awarded the hourly Marlin tag and release Skins cash and prizes. Hourly time selections will be generated via a randomiser at the start of the tournament presentation. In the event
no prize is awarded for the designated hour, all cash and prizes will be re-allocated to the next hourly draw, as a Skins Jackpot. This will continue to jackpot until awarded.


This is a capture, cash prize category, open to all anglers. A cash prize will be awarded to the angler that weighs a Mahi Mahi weighing closest to a weight determined during the tournament briefing. Anglers can choose to weigh multiple fish, up to 5 Mahi Mahi per Boat, for this prize, however, all NSW DPI bag and size limits apply.

Heaviest Marlin Capture over 120kg

The winning fish will be the heaviest Marlin weighed on the Tournament day. This is an open Line class and minimum weights as per the NSWGFA rules will apply. Fish may be weighed at any port but must be weighed by an approved weigh master, Photos of fish and weight must be submitted with the capture sheets.

Highest Point Scoring Marlin Capture

The winning fish will be the Highest Point Scoring Marlin Captured to be weighed on the tournament day. All NSWGFA fishing point rating/s as per the point score table attached to the entry and rules. Fish may be weighed at any port but must be weighed by an approved weigh master, Photos of fish and weight must be submitted with the capture sheets.

Included in Entry Fee
Champion Boat & Angler prizes


Champion Boat Tag & Release

Runner up Boat Tag & Release

3rd Place Boat Tag & Release    

4th Place Boat Tag & Release 

5th place Boat Tag & Release 

Highest Point Scoring Capture Marlin

Heaviest Capture Marlin over 120kg

Champion Angler Tag & Release 

Heaviest Other Game Fish Angler

Champion Junior Tag & Release 

Champion Small Fry Tag & Release

Champion Junior OGF Tag & Release 

Neil Grieves Last Marlin of the Tournament 

Included in Entry Fee


The fishing area for the Tournament is limited to Central Coast GFC prescribed ocean waters, which essentially extends from 33.05 in the North, 34.15 in the South and 60 nautical miles seawards from the NSW Coastline.


Boats returning to CCGFC port or a visiting port, to submit tag cards or capture certificates, must be at the marina and submitted to the CCGFC tournament director by no later than 9PM.

Contact Details:

Mike Const: - M: 0422 528 337

Geoff Hallam: -    M: 0408 881 714

Once complete, please email entry form to