Member NameCategoryPointsDate
Ethan FULLGARMale10927917-03-24 14:00
Taj MOSSMANJunior5752917-03-24 14:55
Geoff HALLAMMale4450013-04-24 10:05
Joshua HALLAMMale3452913-04-24 10:12
Ryan MORGANMale3450030-03-24 11:15
ADRIAN COGANMale3150014-04-24 14:10
Connor COGANMale2300023-02-24 10:00
HENNIE LAUBSCHERMale2300025-02-24 13:20
BRENT WESTONMale2300025-02-24 16:04
Jason CRESSEMale2300030-03-24 12:18
Luke GRIGGSMale1150023-02-24 10:32
Mark THOMPSONMale1150025-02-24 08:30
Jack OLMOSMale1000018-02-24 11:45
Clancy TREHYMale1000016-03-24 11:02
BRUCE GOULDMale1000013-04-24 16:00

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Please note that if your points are not showing, this could mean that you haven’t submitted your certificates therefore points cannot be allocated. For further information please contact the point scorer.


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